Wednesday, 6 February 2013

SlimWizz2 ROM: From Note GT-N7000 to Note 10.1

This week I installed the SlimWizz2 tablet ROM. Most important feature of this ROM is that its a Tablet TOUCHWIZ ROM. It is pretty fast as all of the bloatware has been removed. The ROM itself is 198mb in size compared to the conventional 700-900mb. The ROM is very fast and gives a really nice battery life. It includes- Airview(Video and Gallery), Ink effect for S-pen and Touch.

Multi Window:
Other Note JB ROMs have cascade multiwindow. SlimWizz has the multiwindow from Tab 2.

You can minimize the tiled applications, restore them, pin them just like WINDOWS

Tablet Applications:
Gmail and Messaging apps are optimized for tablet mode. The screen real estate is very nicely used and finally it gave me the feeling of a tablet.

I performed a benchmark using Quadrant Standard Edition and the results were fantastic. Check it out- A whooping 4373(since all the unwanted applications have been removed).

Concluding Remarks:
I've been using this ROM for 3 days now and have loved it and planning to stay on this for a while now.


Forum Link:

More Screenshots:

ROM download link: here

NOTE: You need a rooted phone
1. Goto recovery mode
2. Wipe data/factory reset
3. Wipe cahe
4. Wipe Dalvik
5. Install ROM

DISCLAMER: I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your phone directly or indirectly.

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