Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Increase Your Android's Battery Life: Deep Sleep Battery Saver

I own a Galaxy Note Gt-N7000 and I always found myself moaning about my battery. So I did some digging and found out that, when less used the phone enters Deep Sleep mode whereby there is negligible battery usage. So to see how much my phone was in the Deep Sleep state, I installed CPU SPY.

SlimWizz2 ROM: From Note GT-N7000 to Note 10.1

This week I installed the SlimWizz2 tablet ROM. Most important feature of this ROM is that its a Tablet TOUCHWIZ ROM. It is pretty fast as all of the bloatware has been removed. The ROM itself is 198mb in size compared to the conventional 700-900mb. The ROM is very fast and gives a really nice battery life. It includes- Airview(Video and Gallery), Ink effect for S-pen and Touch.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Pebble: Kinect for iPad

Pebble, the watch in the limelight, has been funded more than $10 million on and has broken all crowdfunding records. It is a simple e-Ink display lasting for about 7 days and gets all your notifications on your wrist. It also gives you the power to change your music and even your powerpoint slides.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

New iPad: You don't need PS3/XBox anymore

Apple once again has set markets standard this March 7th with the new iPad. While the competitors try to build a close competing device, there sits Apple sitting in its Coupertino headquarters setting next year's goals for the competitors while they try to complete this year's goals.

Getting my post started, why should you not buy a PS3 or XBox360 console:

Monday, 12 March 2012

Nokia Pureview 808: Injustice to the 41MP camera

It has a 41MP Carl Zeiss camera and it has won the "Best new mobile handset" Award at the Mobile World Congress 2012. It's the all new Nokia PureView 808.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Philips FluidFocus Technology

Let's start this one with a question-
Do you love the camera that is with you?(I'm talking about the one you carry with yourself, the one interfaced to your cell phone.)
Most probably NO. Be it a BIGGGG NO or a SMALL NO, but it's a NO.
Possible reasons for the unsatisfied desire:
1. Clarity sucks.
It just feels too bad when the image loses the important details it needs to carry.
2. Too slow.
This is the most irritating one as people need to hold a pose or an awesome smile for too long, hurting your jaws.
3. Imperfect Auto focus.
The camera most of the times takes too long to focus on the object you desire to snap. E.g. Text on a magazine or a journal.
4. Digital Zoom:
Nobody likes digital zoom, we all want optical zooming capabilities. Digital zoom is the one in which the image loses its clarity on zooming.
The lens used in all the cameras is made with Glass. And the problem with glass is that it's dimensions cannot be modified. So a solution already implemented in digital cameras and DSLRs is moving the lens forward or backward with a set of motors. But this isn't practically possible to implement in a cell phone due to probability issues and we don't enough battery life for playing angry birds, how can we power the motors.
Possible Solution:
A great solution Philips is working on is its FluidFocus technology. As the name suggests the technology uses fluids for lens. The lens used is made up of a liquid (similar to water, but supposedly not water) and oil and a power supply which creates a potential difference between the two liquids. To provide for great focus and zooming capabilities, the voltage is changed and as a consequence of surface tension, the curvature changes and thus changes the focus. So we can focus on a very close object or a very distant object just by changing the curvature using the potential difference.
1. Theoretically Infinite zooming.
2. Extremely small in size (~2.5mm).
3. Can be used in cell phones.
4. Cheap.