Sunday, 5 August 2012

Installing CM10 on Galaxy Note N7000 from Stock ICS

First of all,
Do not install CM10/ParanoidAndroid directly on the Stock ICS, it is sure to brick your phone.

For this you need to install a different kernel based on CM9 or AOSP.

Step 1:  Rooting and Installing a different Kernel.

1. Download PC Odin from here
2. Download SpeedMod for Odin.(Its a .tar file under 10Mb)
3. Switch off phone.
4. Open PC Odin and click PDA and link the file downloaded.
5. Put phone in download mode.(Vol. down+Home+Power)
6. Press Volume up for continue.
7. Connect it to PC.
8. You'll see device added to Odin.
9. Click Start.
10. Wait till it shows pass.
11. Device is rooted and kernel has been changed.

Step 2:  Installing CM10 or ParanoidAndroid

1. Download CM10 and Gapps from here.(ParanoidAndroid from here)
2. Press Volume Up + Home + Power and it will reboot into recovery mode.
3. Goto Advanced->Reboot into Recovery
4. Install zip from SD(or wherever you've placed)
5. Install CM10 zip and then gapps zip files.
6. Wipe data/factory reset.

And you finally have CM10 on your SGN N7000.

Warning: I'm not responsible for any damage to your phone, do it on your own risk. You might void your warranty.


  1. Hello..
    I want to flash paranoid jelly bean rom in my galaxy note. Currently my phone's using stock ics. What's the meaning of "you need to install a different kernel based on CM9 or AOSP"?.. Install another cm9 rom or just cm9 custom kernel? Cos, In many forums they advice to install CM9 Rom first.

  2. Installing just another kernel will do the job. Follow Step 1.

  3. These are the exact steps? does this work for 4.0.4 stock? Can you link directly to latest paranoid android and gapps?

  4. also, is there a mirror available for the rom? that one is really slow...

  5. m using custom jb . will it do on that ?

  6. will rooting affect general performance or apps currently on my note and will data get deleted????

  7. Akash-
    Instead try AllianceROM, very stable and based on leaked ROM from Galaxy Note 2. And it has MultiWindow and AirView Features.
    But installation procedure is a little different.


  8. Salman Camille-
    It depends on the procedure and the ROM you opt for.
    I would suggest you to use AllianceROM, for performance.
    Once rooted, backup your apps with Titanium Backup(Free,Play Store). And after flashing the'NEW' ROM just install Titanium Backup again and restore all your saved apps.

  9. wow, perfectly worked for installing CM10 ROM on my galaxy note n7000.. thanks brother..